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Cranbourne Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Cranbourne

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex in the human body. The shoulder joint is where the arm attaches to the rest of the body, but the muscles involved with keeping it stable, and moving the arm, reach upward into the neck, and downward to the top of the pelvic bones. The shoulder joint requires such a high degree of muscular involvement because it can move in all directions, and requires a different muscle to move in each unique direction.

Painful shoulder conditions that limit movement are very common, and are caused by injuries affecting the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. As the shoulder has a high degree of flexibility, it is therefore less stable and more prone to injuries than other joints of the body.

Since the nerves that supply the shoulder and arm originate from the neck and upper spine, conditions such as vertebral subluxations may contribute to pain in the shoulder.

With over 24 years experience, Cranbourne chiropractor, Dr Shaun Beovich may be able to assist with the following shoulder conditions:

  • Chronic shoulder pain and stiffness
  • Shoulder muscle spasm and tension
  • Rotator cuff disorders such as tears and strains
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis of the shoulder
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