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Cranbourne Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Neck Pain Cranbourne

Neck Pain is a particularly common problem in our modern age with extended computer usage, poor posture, and a lack of exercise often to blame. In fact, it is the second most common condition that brings people to see us.

Due to its high degree of flexibility, the neck is also particularly vulnerable to injury, such as whiplash, and damage to the discs, muscles, nerves and ligaments.

What causes neck pain?

Some of the more common causes of neck pain include:

Poor Spinal Function: When the vertebral joints in both the neck and back stop working properly they can affect the discs, nerves and muscles in the neck.

Injuries: Single injuries such as a whiplash or repetitive injuries to the neck will often lead to neck pain. The sudden movement of the head (backwards, forwards or sideways) in an accident can create severe neck pain. With whiplash often the pain isn’t immediate and indeed it may not start for weeks, months or even years after the initial accident.

Postural Changes: These changes can be brought on by reduced spinal movement, environmental stresses such as prolonged sitting in an office chair, poor work ergonomics or poor muscle tone and strength.

Spinal Degeneration (Arthritis): Trauma and abnormal function that continues for years can cause wear and tear over time to both the vertebrae and discs.

Medical Conditions: Rare causes of neck pain such as tumours, infections, and fractures must be ruled out before any treatment starts.

Treatment for neck pain

Thankfully, chiropractic offers a very effective treatment for neck pain. After conducting a complete history, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal examination, your chiropractor will recommend a course of care that aims to reduce pressure, restore movement and prevent recurrence. Typically, your chiropractor will recommend the following:

  • spinal adjustments to restore proper movement to the neck joints
  • massage to tight neck muscles
  • postural advice and how to avoid further strain
  • neck exercises to encourage improved movement
  • neck strengthening exercises
  • heat/ice therapy to help manage your neck pain
  • recommend a pillow to provide correct support while sleeping.
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