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Cranbourne Chiropractor for Disc Bulge

Disc Bulge Cranbourne

A normal, healthy disc is very strong. However, it can wear over time due to cumulative strain from repeated bending, twisting, lifting or prolonged sitting.

An intervertebral disc herniation (disc rupture or bulge) is a relatively common condition of the spine that causes intense pain. The pain is centrally located in the spine but will often radiate outward into the arms or legs depending on which area of the spine the herniation occurs. Disc bulges are frequently associated with improper lifting of heavy loads, but also can occur with other traumas such as a car accident or fall. A disc herniation is a condition that is very difficult to heal, but it can be managed successfully with a variety of treatment options including chiropractic care.

What are the symptoms of a disc bulge?

A disc bulge or herniation can put pressure on both the spinal cord and the nerves causing symptoms such as:

  • intense stabbing spinal pain,
  • pain or numbness in the limbs,
  • weak muscles and
  • bowel or bladder issues.
  • Spinal disc pain can be excruciating and even a small movement can cause it to flare up.

    If any of these symptoms (especially change in bowel or bladder function) develop suddenly, without explanation visit your GP or local hospital.

    Treatment for disc bulge

    The good news is that some disc-related problems may be improved by increasing spinal movement and strengthening the surrounding musculature. These changes can be achieved by specific chiropractic techniques including spinal adjustments (manipulation), mobilisation, and targeted exercises. Ultrasound therapy may also be used to treat disc injuries.

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